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Special Rescue Cases

These dogs needed help so badly that we ran ads to ask for your help. Click on their links to see their story and to get an update on their progress.

Recent Rescue Cases

On Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012, 4:00 pm, I received a telephone call from a female dog owner that her beagle mix came home with a trap on his front foot. I asked where the dog was now and she said Zack is in her living room with her teenage daughter. The owner was at work and had no way to leave or to get the dog to the vet. I told her, I could be there in 20 minutes as soon as I cleaned up my desk. In the mean time, the Animal Control Officer had arrived at the home and was able to remove the leg trap. He called me and said the dog needed to get to the vet, since no one was sure if the front foot/leg was broken or injured. I then arrived at the home and saw that Zack was putting no pressure on his foot and should go to Bonduel. Mom at work, no car in driveway and the animal conroll officer was off work by that time, so, I picked up dog and teenage daughter and headed to Dr. Emma in Bonduel. Thank goodness it is Tuesday night and vet clinic is open to 8 pm. Dr. Emma had to muzzle the little boy since he was in pain. Examined and had a desperately needed nail trimming. Nothing was broken, just swelling. He received injectable pain med and sent home with pain meds for 5 days. I take dog and daughter home, then carry Zack in and set him back in the family living room. Gave the daughter instructions to try and soak foot in cool water. Get home at 7:30 pm and tell my family, sorry for a late dinner.

As told by one of our volunteers, Thanks Lisa!