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On Sunday, Sept. 2, two volunteers took a telephone call from a family in Neopit. The wife just came home with a new baby, and their neighbor informed them that their young back lab/hound had been attacked by something two nights ago.

The dog had multiple injuries and would not eat his dog food or even his favorite table scraps. The attacker was probably not a dog, wolf or coyote, because his large, heavy dog house turned upside-down, damaged, and was moved 8-10 feet from its original spot.

The vet thought it may have been a bear, brushing the dog out of the way to get its food. We know badgers have tangled with dogs in that area. One dog suffered some nasty cuts and lost an eye. The owner said people have been bringing their dogs in in that area at night recently.

The dog will have to stay at the vets until Tuesday to be treated. The dog’s home is mostly dirt, and his open wound would put him at high risk for infection.

We will try to find a home where this dog can heal afterwards, at least partially.

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August 31st, 2012. While delivering dog food to 20 hungry dogs that live in South Branch (the northeast corner of the Menominee Reservation) , two young boys (about 8 to 10 years old), asked us if we had any Band-Aids with us.

When questioned, the boys said the young white Shepard that had come to their house about a week ago had been hit by a car two days earlier. She was a really sweet and friendly dog. We had seen her when we were at the same house the previous Sunday as part of our vaccine caravan.

The dog was new to the area; she just wandered in. We had planned to stop back, try and get her and place her.

We called another volunteer who found someone to pick up the white Shepherd and take her to a vet.

We learned, even before we finished our food route, the dog had a dislocated hip, which could have been fixed easily if she had gotten treatment right away. Now surgery is required. The dog is on pain meds until we know what we can do, if anything.

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